The Original Bohn Comb

Pivot Point has the exclusive rights to these Bohn Combs. They are hand-crafted of a special acrylic material, designed to withstand excessive heat with no warping or cracking. They are static-free, chemical resistant and the smooth, rounded teeth won’t catch or rip hair.

product code: BOHN-7

Comb - Cutting

product code: 2421

Comb - Molding

product code: 2481

Control Designer Comb

Designed in Germany, the Control Designer Comb exudes precision and innovation for which German engineering is well-renowned. Every aspect of this comb helps you achieve the perfect haircut, starting with the specifically designed tooth at the tip of the comb for easy parting to three projection angles (45°, 67.5° and 90°) printed directly on the comb, to movable pins allowing for precise length control.

From novice to elitist-this comb will provide you with the tools to create perfect cuts more efficiently.

product code: 2465DS

Tail Comb I - Fine

product code: 2431

Tail Comb II - Wide

product code: 2451

Tail Comb III - Wide

product code: 2461

Texturizing Comb - Large

product code: 2462

Texturizing Comb with Handle

product code: 2463
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